Skatalites- Fugitive Dub

In 1975 the remaining members of the 60′s supergroup the Skatalites came together in session at Lee Perry’s Black Ark studio to record a number of tracks which would go on to be mixed at King Tubby’s.  ‘Fugitive Dub,’ taken from the album ‘the Legendary Skatalites in Dub,’ is  exactly what you would expect from a combination of Jamaica’s best musicians, best recording studio and best engineer during a golden age of Jamaican music.  It somehow manages to incorporate an astonishing collection of influences, and yet still sound like a unique and radical piece. It has the propulsive groove synonymous with the Skatalites’ earlier work, the hazy mysticism associated with Perry’s Black Ark, a spine tingling funk rarely associated with dub, and finally the deft, masterful touches of engineer King Tubby, whose mixing is, as always, brilliant- balancing the instruments in such a way that a crazy, erratic piece is able to simultaneously sound precise and whole.  A triumphant product of the combination of the some of the greatest figures in Jamaican music. 

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