Mighty Diamonds- Right Time

Recorded at Channel One, ‘Right Time’ is the title track from the album that marked Sly & Robbie’s arrival on the Jamaican reggae scene, and what a track it is. From the very beginning, as the percussion eases in followed by that mellow bassline, you can tell that this is a different sounding roots track- the heavy, militant instrumentation synonymous with roots reggae is nowhere to be found here, or indeed anywhere on the album, instead replaced with a disarmingly tender backing that remains to this day utterly unique.   Sly Dunbar’s percussion is pure genius- through his mastery of rim shots he is able to somehow sound casually unhurried yet energetic at the same time. Robbie Shakespeare’s bass is similarly impressive, grooving away at the forefront of the song without ever getting obstructing the beautiful vocals of Donald Shaw,  who is ably supported by some stunning harmonising. Majestic, dignified and graceful, ‘Right Time’ is worthy of its place at the pinnacle of Jamaican roots music.

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